3D Puff HTV - StarCraft 3D Heat Transfer Vinyl - White | 12" x 5 feet

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StarCraft 3D Puff is a perfect material to give a 3D effect to any design. This multi-layered polyurethane HTV technology expands when heat pressed to become a soft puffed up look.

Applies to: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends. Not suitable for us on nylon and other coated textiles.
Finish: Matte/Flat/Dimensional
Carrier: Polyester

Application Instructions:

  •  Time: 10-12 Seconds 
  • Pressure: Medium to firm pressure 
  • Peel: Warm
  • 2nd Press: To maximize the 3D effect, remove protective (carrier, Parchment or non-stick sheet) and press a second time directly against the heat platen.
  • Temperature: 285°F Time: 5-7 seconds Pressure: Medium to firm pressure

    *** Hang to dry is recommended to increase the longevity of the garment and heat transfer vinyl. Drying with heat may also shrink the garment and cause puckering of the heat transfer vinyl so caution is advised.

    Care/Wash Instructions

    Wait 24 hours before washing. No harsh detergents or bleach. Tumble dry low heat.***

    It is the nature of this product for Puff results and texture to vary. It is a good idea to perform a test swatch.

    Do not stretch 3D StarCraft PUFF as it is susceptible to cracks when stretched.
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