Heat Transfer Vinyl: What it Is & How it Works

Heat Transfer Vinyl: What it Is & How it Works

As an avid crafter, you are probably wondering what’s the buzz with heat transfer vinyl and how can I use it to elevate my crafts or Etsy business? At VIP Vinyl Supply, we offer the best heat transfer vinyl (HTV), including patterned HTV, to help our customers on their artistic journey through their customized clothing creations or t-shirt vinyl printing business. The potential for creativity through HTV is unmatched by anything we’ve seen thus far in the crafting industry and we are excited to share some tips and tricks for flexing your design skills in this new medium. Keep reading to learn more and shop our collection of HTV today!

What is HTV?

Heat transfer vinyl is a special type of vinyl that is used to create designs that are later transferred to fabric projects such as tote bags, blankets, and clothing, and is especially used for custom t-shirt vinyl printing. By using a vinyl cutter like StarCraft Solo, Silhouette, or Cricut, digital designs are cut precisely and then transferred and bonded using heat from a press or iron. The best thing about HTV is the possibilities are endless! With different mattes, finishes, and patterns, this is every crafter’s dream material for creating customized clothing and other custom fabric designs for the family or Etsy business!

What Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?

One of the major benefits of using HTV is the low start-up cost. The two main pieces of equipment that you need are a vinyl cutter and a heat press, after these investments, there are only a few other things you need to get started including: 

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl 
  • T-Shirts/Garments 
  • Weeding Tool 
  • Design Software (Which comes with most vinyl cutters!)

Heat Press Settings for HTV

When transferring your HTV to your fabric there are a few tips to keep in mind, one being your heat press setting. For a heat press, apply medium pressure at 300°f/149°c for 15-20 seconds and peel warm. While a heat press is the preferred transfer method due to its unbeatable consistency for many crafters and Esty business owners, similar results can be achieved with a home iron. For this method, set your iron dial between cotton and linen, press the iron with medium-firm pressure (do not slide the iron), and press each section of the design for 10-15 seconds. If areas of design lift after application, replace the cover sheet and re-press for ten seconds, peeling the carrier warm. 

If you are ready to dive into your next customized clothing craft session with vinyl printing, check out VIP Vinyl Supply for all your HTV vinyl needs at affordable prices that can’t be beaten!

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Oct 4th 2022

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